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We introduce you to your potential customers through our industry-specific exhibitions, which we organize in various countries around the world.
Our company was established in 2006. From 2006 to 2021, they were engaged in the sale and installation of modular workshops and food equipment.

During the covid, we were unable to maintain our activities, since we already had experience in organizing an international greenhouse exhibition, we decide to go in this direction.

And in 2022 we are holding our first exhibition Lift Expo, WinDoor, AutoExpo. To date, we have managed to create effective tools for working in the sales and marketing department. We have an office in Istanbul, where our directors Umut Bey and Fatih Bey are guided.

We plan to open branches in Uzbekistan and Russia in 2024 and hold exhibitions on our topics there
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Our services:
Organization of exhibitions
We rent space from Atakent and the Baluan Sholak Palace of Sports and Culture for our exhibitions and provide, that is, sell our client an area for exhibiting their exhibits or products, in order to increase sales in 3 days, promote their brand, sell a franchise, find partners or find suppliers.
Organization of the seminar and forum
During the exhibitions, we hold conferences, seminars or forums in parallel, depending on the number of applications or demand for the event. In the building where the exhibition will be held, we build a separate closed stand for the conference and recruit speakers among the participants there, this is an additional advertisement or a product to promote our products.The speakers also speak and tell their experience or start-up, which is useful for our visitors.
Our Exhibitions
The organizer of the exhibition is MK Fusion LLP
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